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Real Estate Administrators


The Admin Hub is a Real Estate administration business offering REALTOR® admin services in Alberta. We were founded in 2016 to help REALTORS® create a work/life balance and to free their time so they can focus on growing their business. We offer a cost-effective solution that allows REALTORS® access to admin support, without the need to hire a full-time assistant.

With over 16 years of combined Real Estate administration and support experience, The Admin Hub provides experienced admin assistance exclusively to REALTORS®. Real Estate administration is very specific, and The Admin Hub have the experience to take over a REALTORS® administration without the need for training.

The Admin Hub works with many of Calgary’s Real Estate Brokerages and are familiar with their systems and processes. Having a personal approach and fostering relationships with their clients The Admin Hub goes against the grain of a traditional “virtual assistant” service. The Admin Hub’s flat-fee structure makes it easier for you to budget, avoiding any financial surprises. Working in a fully paperless office and using detailed electronic checklists allows all team members to be extremely thorough and efficient throughout the life of a listing or transaction.

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Our Story

We used to work for the same Real Estate team for four years, covering all aspects of administration of the Real Estate office. 2015/16 was a tough year in Real Estate, so we were inspired to launch a new business to support REALTORS®. In 2016, The Admin Hub was established.


We help REALTORS® achieve their personal and professional goals by giving them the time to focus on being a REALTOR®, not an administrator. Our goal is to help them achieve a work/life balance enabling them to focus on generating new business, growing their network, nurturing their client relationships.

Jo & Nic, Co-Founders

Our Story

Nicola Smith (Nic)

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Joanne Hodgkins (Jo)

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Kristin Nixon

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Dawn Nelson

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Mia Smith

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Our Values
Our Values
Work Desk


Our commitment and dedication to assisting REALTORS® is at the heart of what drives The Admin Hub.


Our honesty and sincerity are at the forefront of our business. REALTORS® place a lot of trust in us – something we take very seriously.

Signing a Contract


We constantly strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations at all times.


The lines of communication are always open. The key to a successful partnership is communication and transparency. By sharing ideas and knowledge we can collaborate towards our common goals.

Signing a Contract


Teamwork is a crucial part of our business and we value the partnerships we are lucky to have. We want to be a part of your team, your clients and our clients.


If you could be a fly on the wall of our workspace, you would know how important this is to us. We love what we do and we like it to show in the way we work.

Showing an Apartment


We would not be able to run our business without systems in place; it helps us stay efficient and productive.


We are grateful every day for the clients we work with. We appreciate and are thankful for being able to pursue our passion and provide a valuable service.

Buying a House


In business and in life, we like to put others first. We feel joy and happiness when we have the prosperity and abundance to be able to do just that.


Who doesn’t want a work/life balance that is relatively equal? It’s important to stay true to who we are and be able to enjoy life with family and friends.

Work Desk

“How can you help me get away from my desk

and back to being a REALTOR®?”

We’re sure a lot of REALTORS® were aware of the amount of administration involved in a Real Estate listing and transaction and doing the admin was not the reason why most joined the Real Estate industry. We are here to alleviate the pressure of having a ‘mountain’ of paperwork to deal with. Let us be the one behind the desk and not you.

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